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Posted 22 October 2015 - 01:27 PM

Our staff are always happy to answer your questions, but in case we do not get to you on time, see some frequently asked questions below.

If you are still confused, you are welcome to contact any staff member.

‚ÄčOther information such as the rules of the forum can be found in our Center Stage section.

  • Q: How can I change my username?
    • A: Contact one of the administrators or any staff member who can pass your message along to an admin. Just tell us what you'd like your new name to be and we can sort that out for you.
  • Q: Do you have a YouTube channel?
    • A: Currently (in 2015) we have only one YouTube Channel: afxsubs. Due to inactivity over the years and changes in administration, this is the only channel we now use.
  • Q: Can you sub ___?
    • A: Currently we have no subbing team. We highly recommend visiting other f(x) fansites who are available for subbing.
  • Q: How do I become a donor? And what's the difference, anyway?
    • A: By donating at least US$5 to any project or to the forum as a general donation, you can become a donor! Donating more than once or donating a large amount can give you the title of Donor+

Perks of being a donor vs a normal member:

Normal User:

No color for their username

Maximum personal photo size of 100px by 100 px

Maximum file size of 100KB for signature

Maximum of 50 PMs in their inbox

Cannot delete their own post.

Cannot edit own topic title & description

Cannot edit their own shouts on the shoutbox


Baby pink for their username

Maximum personal photo size of 150px by 150px

Maximum file size of 120KB for signature

Maximum of 100 PMs in their inbox

Can delete their own post.

Can edit own topic title & description

Can edit their own shouts on the shoutbox

  • Q: What payment methods do you accept for donations?
    • A: Currently we only accept Paypal.
  • Q: Can I be a moderator/designer/administrator/any staff position?
    • A: Every now and then we hold hiring opportunities where we specifically seek applications for certain staff positions. Currently we are not hiring anyone, but if you want to let us know you're interested, feel free to contact any of the staff. The only way to become a staff member is to apply - we don't put people on our staff who don't earn their position!
  • Q: What are VIP members and how do I become one?
    • A: VIP members are members with a coloured name and a star next to their name. This is to signify their importance to the forum. Previously this has been due to some special connection with f(x) members (such as Amber's sister Jackie who has a VIP account), but also people who have dedicated a lot of time and effort to the forum in a hugely significant way.
  • Q: I don't want this account anymore! Can you delete it?
    • A: If you really want your account to be deleted, you can contact one of the administrators via PM and let us know why you would like us to delete it.
  • I have more questions! Where/who can I ask?
  • You can post your question below and our staff will answer! Alternatively you can contact any staff member you see online, or our most active administrators kuukiebear and nanamato. You can also email us (admin@affxtion.com), or tweet at us. You can even leave a shout in the shoutbox and hopefully we'll get to you in time.

    You can also contact the aforementioned persons through their twitter accounts;



Thank you for visiting Aff(x)tion Forums! We hope you enjoy it here.

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